Sound Toll Registers Online needs volunteers!

Sound Toll Registers Online needs volunteers to complete the STRO, the Sound Toll Registers Online-database.

Follow the Teach Yourself Old Handwriting Course and join the data entry team at Sound Toll Registers Online.

The Sound Toll Registers (STR) are among the most important sources for the economic and maritime history of Europe. The STR cover the period 1497 – 1857 and contain the data of 1.8 million passages. The data of the 300,000 passages from the period 1497-1633 still have to be entered.

For the data entry of these passages we are looking for enthusiastic and motivated volunteers anywhere in the world, possibly  with some knowledge of paleography and some affinity with history. Are you ready to spend some time working as a volunteer for this challenging project, in your own time, at your own place?

Interested? Do you want to contribute to this important and fascinating project? If so, read more about this project on the following pages.


Picture: The old toll house and castle Kronborg at Helsingøer


Closing symposium 'Ten years of Sonttol registers Online'

January 31, 2020

Click here for the program


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