Data entry & STRO:

- The data entry module can be found at

- The database STRO: STRO-database

- The film role scans: Film role scans

- The list off products: List off products

- Searching unit's, cargo and combinations:



- Mogens Jensen, Grindsted, Denmark. The Sound Toll collectors and their work in the Helsingør tollhouse (contribution to STRO congres october 2014)

- Mogens Jensen, Grindsted, Denmark: The Elsenore Toll Collectors (contribution to STRO volunteersday june 2015)



- Rutter, collection of maps from the coast of southwest France to Estonia for a journey through the Sound: Rutter

- Alt-codes, how to get special characters out of your keyboard: Vreemde tekens

- Slot Kronborg in Helsingøer:

- Danish Archives:

Closing symposium 'Ten years of Sonttol registers Online'

January 31, 2020

Click here for the program


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