Help on cargo & taxes

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Overview of taxes, and where to enter these: overview-taxes

Coins used to book the various taxes: overview taxes-coins

Information on various currencies: currency information


Searching measurement units, commodity 's or a combination of these 2 in STRO:

- Search in the STRO-database. Fill in a unit, a commodity or both on

- The main webpage of the STRO database can be found on

Documents concerning the cargo and taxes:

- Document with common measurement units and weights             (measurement_units_STR.pdf)

- Document with common commodities                                                (commoditys.pdf)

- Document with goods with a geographic indication                          (diverse_guodtz.pdf)

- Document with common taxes                                                               (taxes.pdf)

- List of products from the STR                                                                 (list of products.pdf)

- Winkelman, Bronnen v. Oostzeehandel                                                (Goederensoorten)


Measurements / Sizes:

- "Pund og alen", old Danish weights & measurement units: 'Pund og alen', Paul Thestrup , Danish National Archive
    with thanks to the Danish National Archive and Paul Thestrup

- Oversigt over ældre måle- og vægtenheder:

- Ausländische und alte Maßeinheiten:

- Units & Systems of Units:

- Krünitz Online: (select ‘online version’)

- Winkelman, Bronnen v. Oostzeehandel: (Maten en Gewichten)


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January 31, 2020

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